PV Construction

Plant design

Designing megawatt-scale photovoltaic power plant. Creating layout of the plant based on geological and topographical data and calculating shading. PV module configuration and orientation. Technology selection and electrical design. System components sizing.


Permitting and licensing requirements for photovoltaic power plants. Agreements, building permits, environmental permits, grid connection application and operator licenses. Following local laws and regulations.


Civil, mechanical, electrical design and diagrams. Technical documentation. Geodetic services. Construction diagrams and documentation. Grid interconnection diagrams. Authorized construction supervision.


Turnkey project services including engineering, procurement and construction. Skilled EPC team. Project management and logistics. Site services and security. Commissioning and trial operation. Performance ration testing. Handover and acceptance procedures.


Civil works – site clearance and landscaping, roads and access, cabling and earthing trenches, fences and gates. Mounting structures and modules mechanical installation. Cabling and electrical installation. Inverters and substations. Commissioning and testing.

Grid connection

Medium voltage grid interconnection design and diagrams. MV substations delivery and installation. Poles revamping and disconnectors delivery and installation. Grid protection devices and measurement equipment. MV cabling and installation.

PV Operation


We provide a full scope of operation services of photovoltaic power plants for investors. This includes representing investors to third parties and government authorities, SPV administration, accounting and taxes, securing and running plants and management of maintenance services as well.


All photovoltaic power plants under our operation are connected to the monitoring centre located in our office where an operator watches plants production and operation of all devices. The notification system dispatches failures and events to maintenance teams.


We provide all kind of forecasting and reporting services required by local government authorities, grid regulators, distribution companies and PPA subjects on daily basis. Investors get monthly or weekly analytical production and performance reports and predictive forecasts.


We do the full range of scheduled maintenance to meet manufacturer’s recommendations required by equipment warranties and maintenance planned in advance for fault prevention and keeping systems at their optimum operational level.

Hot line

Hot line services 24/7 are provided by our core maintenance team completed by local engineers for very fast responses to failures. The first initial diagnostics is made remotely.


The core maintenance team is supported by our process automation team to optimise system performance. This is done by measurements on regular basis of the plant components during the lifetime of the plant and revamping in case of pure performance.